What Is Nevacared

What Is Nevacared

The Meaning of Nevacared

I've got a question for you... Have you ever had someone that didn’t like you for some reason or another? Maybe it was in high school, a workmate, or maybe just some random person you saw at the gym. It seemed like no matter what you did, good or bad, this person always found fault in what you did? I know I'm not the only one to experience this.

I found that I was more worried about how others viewed my everyday life, my choices, and most importantly, my past. What a dumbass I was, always trying to live up to their standards.

Aren’t you tired of wasting valuable time and energy living up to others narrative? Tired of compromising who you really are? We are so worried about how others feel about our past, but not understanding there are more people out there that deserve the authentic version of us. Including ourselves!!!!

Stop putting up a façade. Stop wasting energy on being a fraud and hiding who we really are, and gear it toward being the best version of ourselves.

I’m done being fraud. Anything and anyone that stood in the way of me being authentically me had to get out of the way. I didn’t care how they felt, what they said, did, nor did the fact that I was an ex con stop me. I truly NEVACARED 

The same goes for you. Stop letting others reflect their limited beliefs on you. Regardless of what anyone says or does, always be Authentically You. 

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