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The Code

The Code

The Code

What does the Barcode stand for?

So, anytime you purchase an item at the store there is a barcode that tells you what it is that you are buying, right? 

It’s the same when others see us. The minute we are born there is a brand or label put on us, due to our race, if we are born into wealth or poverty, or where we are born. As we get older these labels become abundant. We are judged or branded because of sexual orientation, having a criminal past, how we carry ourselves, your job choice. Some people will genuinely not like you for being you. Guess what? That’s ok. It’s not your problem to worry about how they feel about you.

The Code simply means, don’t judge us off of what you see on the outside or what you may have heard about us. Fuck your labels. Get to know me before you past judgement on me. Even then, put your opinion in your back pocket and sit on

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